Website Leasing Rent

Go for Website Leasing or Website on rent based on Pay as you go model, if you want a website at a very low initial cost. Now you can get your very own website at your domain name, hosted by us and with full Web 2.0 capability – just pay as you go!

Packages start from INR. 1225/- per month depending on complexity of website.

website leasing rent

At aanandi we believe in ensuring that our solutions are easily available to you and you should have flexibility to pay the way you want. If you take a car or a house on lease then why not a website? We offer our customers website leasing solution which will be specially attractive to start-ups and new businesses.
Our leased website packages include:
• Website creation
• Content Management System to update the website yourself
• Web hosting (Google Apps setup can also be done)
• Technical support and ongoing development
Like taking over a business that is already successful!
Remember: we’re not just creating websites and handing them over to you. We are growing them, nurturing them, building them into fully optimized high profile sites. Once they reach this status their capacity to attract and create new business is immense. It’s like taking over a business that is already successful, except that by renting it you know exactly what it will cost you and you rent it only for as long as you require it.

This option really is ideal for the small or medium-sized business, because it releases you from the obligation to manage the creation and building of your own website and from the time it can take to get it into the top rankings. We’ve done all the work for you – you simply have to reap the benefits.

We at aanandi believe that website leasing will be one of the most popular and widespread developments in the online business world. We’re offering you the chance to be in the forefront of this imaginative and effective new way of exploiting the internet.

aanandi has extensive experience in developing content managed websites in many industries. Hence we offer small businesses tested and functional solutions ‘out of box’. As such you save the costs that you might have incurred which make content management systems very expensive.

The content management system (CMS) software we use is one of the Open Source solution – which means the source code is ‘open’ for the programming community to work on and develop. This is a huge resource for companies striving to keep their website ahead of the competition as it provides a pool of innovation at a relatively low cost.

All Leased Websites at aanandi have a core content management system (CMS) allowing easy publishing of content pages, website changes etc. We can also add functional components or ‘Plug Ins” to your site for the functionality which is not covered. Some of these features of the website that can be easily added are Blogs, Events Calendars, Forums or Image Galleries.

The advantage of a leased website is that website can grow along with your business adding new functions / content over time. We provide 2 hours of programming time every month.

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