Rd Fd Mis Software

We are one of the most experienced RD (Recurring Deposit), FD (Fixed Deposit), MIS Software Development Company with around 5+ years of experience in building customized software applications.

RD FD (Recurring Deposit, Fixed Deposit) is a new word in the world of multi level marketing. As we are quite aware with the concept of multilevel marketing and getting benefits with this short of marketing strategy.rd/fd generally refers regular deposit and fixid deposit and this software solution generally belongs credit coprative society as we are much aware from some of companies that provides us facility to use our fund in better manner where we can save the earning and can get benefit of our amount after investing it for certain duration of time on the behalf of any agreement like property purchase of gold purchase.

RD FD MIS Software

It can make the process of customer agreement registration, agreement maturity calculation and the calculation of commission, Persistent Deposits Systems, per month Systems, Set First deposit Program, Even Company can set their own plans, bond or certificate print and reliable. Or you can say it’s a mini bank software, Microfinance Software and cooperative bank software. Our RD FD solution software provides the facility for agent and agreement registration and agreement maturity calculation and other commission calculation and other claim calculation.

There could be some different plans for different tenures & different amount and obviously with different rate of Interest. On maturity the perspective amount would be paid to that client.

Through this software the company can process all the reports & export them to excel sheet as well as convert those to PDF format.

Some Features of RD FD MIS Software
Member Registration
Agent Registration
Open Account
Renewal Accounts
Block Member/Agent
Close Account
Pre-Maturity Closing
Installment Master
Collection Report
Maturity Report
Due Renewal Report
Agent Commission Master
Agent Commission Statement
Agent Login
Customer Login
Branch Management
Agent Wise Customer report
Check Printing
Bond Printing
Manual Printing System (Web Based)
Auto SMS & Email Forwarding System
Alerts & Reminders
Accounting Reports
In-Out Reports – Profit and Loss
Penalty Statement
And many more….

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