Back to the future!
Building or rewriting a system completely in Java means starting from the scratch. We engage in the seamless and stable operations of Java technology to deliver innovative and functional applications for enterprises as well as tiny applications for mobile devices. Our development approach is founded on solid system principles and supports real object oriented Java development.

Java Development

We have succeeded remarkably in providing this exciting technology to enterprises in their attempts to remain competitive and flexible. It has been an eternity since we came into the scene, we still bring with us, the freshness of approach and creativity and that enables our developers build multi-tiered applications, inter-operable features and above all comprehensive security.

With the expertise of handling vast business-oriented development projects, we proffer a flexible, efficient and cross-platform technological basis for rapid enterprise application development.

We also provide quality software solutions using the power and flexibility of the modular approach offered by the J2EE platform to correspond exactly to the needs and requirements of our clients.

J2EE based applications
Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is a set of coordinated technologies and practices that enables solutions for developing, deploying, and managing multi-tier, server-centric applications. With the help of this exciting technology, we provide an unwavering and secure platform for the enterprises to compete in the market place.

Our clients have valued and gained from our realistic approach to Java development – an approach that blends Java with the company’s existing investment in databases, file sets,
job streams and processes.

The J2EE technology has given our developers a comprehensive blueprint for providing complete enterprise computing solutions to our clients. Following is the list of benefits you get with Aanandi TechnoSoft:

• Faster solution delivery
• Faster time to market
• Freedom of choice of programming means
• Simplified connectivity

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