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Burning desires to innovate and probably rise from the middling standards are some of the reasons to explain why aanandi has always been an ardent supporter of technology. Technologies from Microsoft – a world leader in developing new technologies have served as a benchmark of quality. This brings us to ASP.NET – a set of Web application development technologies from Microsoft that enables programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications, and XML web services. And needless to say aanandi is an avid ASP.NET user.

ASP.NET Development

Talent and technical prowess make the winning combination!
We do not blow our own trumpet, our credentials speak for themselves. With numerous ASP.NET projects under our belt and the unique distinction of being one of Microsoft’s Certified Gold Partners (which signifies highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies) along with a CMMI Level 3 Certification (in process), it doesn’t make sense to say more. Dedicated ASP.NET professionals have worked incessantly to get us this level of expertise and this has delivered matchless confidence within us.

Let’s dwell deeper and find the core ASP.NET services which we bring forth. These are namely:

.Net web application development
A productive technology- the .NET platform has helped aanandi deliver custom applications which suit your business needs perfectly. Take for example, the case of the tour management system developed by us which provides tour operators the means to automate and streamline their tour activities. The system is laden with detailed interfaces that make the tour workflow flexible yet seamless.

So, the system is eased out, tour operators are cheerful and that makes aanandi revel in pleasure!  This also proves the fact that Aanandi is armed with the power required to push your business ahead.

E-commerce solutions based on .NET platform
A rule of the thumb in the internet fraternity goes to say that it takes only 10 seconds to convert a potential visitor into a customer. As a business owner, you need to ensure that your website turns those first 10 seconds into a long and rewarding relationship with your potential customer. aanandi banks on its approach of getting clear client input to intersperse with efficient business analysis and industry best practices to get that intended success across.

Our ASP.NET based dynamic E-commerce solutions bring in advanced features along with the typical ones. Yet each solution is a creative fountainhead and distinct. The advanced features which you get range from real-time order tracking to support for multiple currencies and languages along with integration with shipping companies like UPS, FedEx etc. Take a look at our e-commerce portfolio to preview all the features.

Migration Services (into .Net from ASP/VB)
They say technology is like a fish, the longer it stays on the table, the less desirable it becomes. So changing and adapting to newer, better and more productive solutions should be the norm for every growth oriented organization. If your less or non- functional classic ASP solution needs to migrate to ASP.NET platform, then aanandi gets you closer to the desired change. If you think that this migration needs only an extension change from .asp to .aspx, then kindly rethink. It takes a lot more than this. So, we go for the gradual step by step porting of the application keeping the essential COM components, defining the business rules of the system and competently porting the user interface of the application. This gives you a straightforward migration and the one that lasts for long.

SharePoint Development
Streamlining business activities is much of an art and ASP.NET 2.0 based Microsoft Sharepoint Server comes in with integrated search capabilities to help you work in a web-based collaborative environment. aanandi’s SharePoint solutions are multi faceted ranging from business content management to inter team collaboration, to process implementation to retrieval and analysis of business data- all clubbed into one. Scalable and dependable are the keywords to describe us.

Migration – Put a ‘Full Stop’ to all your worries
With the amalgamation of exposure and experience which aanandi brings, your ASP.NET endeavors may not be laden with worries of non- performance. Promises delivered is our motto and we stand by it in any and every condition.

Meet up the technological challenges which await you with aanandi’s constant support. Let’s go hand in hand in getting the right things done. So contact us today.

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