Database Programming

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Web’s reach has become astoundingly high. They say the customer is the king. What you want is always our endeavor to bring to you. The rising web based database programming needs have pushed us to bring this to the forefront. Utilizing the data structuring and processing advantages that databases grant, we at aanandi provide client- server database applications suitable to your needs.

Database Programming

We possess solid expertise on contemporary databases like MySQL, MSSQL, DB2 and MS Access. You get scalable and efficient solutions with us. Web based database programming necessitates a proper plan and requires a thorough understanding of the user’s needs.

We also have profound knowledge of the NoSQL solution – Cassandra, and are capable of handling very large amounts of data spread out across commodity servers while providing a highly available service with no single point of failure.

Exploration Before Execution
So, we start by the requirement elicitation process. This according to us is the most important and vital phase because we get an opportunity to know your needs. Accordingly we determine the application capacities and architecture to follow. You can contact our business analysts and put your requirements through.

Thereafter, our development specialists work out the various database schemas, relationships between entities and modules to ensure enhanced reliability and performance.

Next, depending on the number of users DB tiers, users’ roles and rights suiting your needs and DB logics are developed. All this is done by confirming with you at every step. Simultaneously, we build a capacity strategy wherein we do planning for key factors like space utilization, standby facilities for future applications/ feature additions so that the performance is optimized.

You get user friendly interface designs which allow smooth usage and effective database administration and management. Your convenience is of utmost concern to us. So we always aim towards taking relevant steps in that direction.

You can also get services from us wherein we assist you to integrate existing applications and data with the newly developed database solution. Thus migration from legacy systems and data is suitably done for you.

Once your database solution has been deployed, we seamlessly perform the final integration to ensure the best to you. If you have any further queries make haste and contact our database specialists today. You can also fill a free consultation form and reach us today

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