Wedding  play  very important role in one’s life and every couple want their wedding to be special and truly memorable. we all want the wedding day is to be the day and every planning must go smoothly on this day.

But wedding is not just a one day affair , it is a cluster of ceremonies and takes two or three days or even more. So it needs lots of planning on this account and every person is bound in his /her financial limits and in those limits he/she has to fulfill their dreams .

The couple and families are totally confused  What is to be done ? to reduce over expenses .

Weddingmandi.com was developed out of the needs that were studied from different sections and across all sectors in India. We at the weddingmandi help you to plan your wedding  and provide to many  utilities like – Shubh – Muhurat , Wedding  Planning  check list ,Vendors directory , Wedding Songs , Mehandi  Design  etc.

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